About Clarity

Clarity was conceived and recorded the last few years as a multi genre vehicle for these guitar songs.Played on various guitars with
a few great players on board, Clarity realizes alot of what I hear.Great thanks to all involved, especially Justin Trieger, who always has my back and has a tremendous ear.

1)Clarity is a track recorded at New World Miami Beach.A spiritual melody and harmony…written with my Dharma in mind.The guitar is a Martin D28 HD. The core was recorded live with the great Adolfo Herrera on Percussion.Then I tracked a few guitars.This a song of hope and Love.To the highest power.

2)Be My Girl was recorded at my studio.It is on homage to Texas blues and swing ,Willie Nelson and Jimmy Vaughn in mind.The tune was recorded live with Adolfo Herrera on Drums and Ivan Andres on bass.
Later we tracked Brian Robertson on Hammond at his place.The guitar is a Gibson Howard Roberts Custom using the Mesa Boogie MK 1.

3)Interlude 1 was recorded on the Purvis Young Yamaha Classical at New Word Miami Beach.A blues pattern ,Justin filtered it through an old sounding patch to get that effect.

4)Ode To Jimi is a humble attempt to honor one of my heroes.Recorded at Michael Raia’s garage live with Michael on bass and Gino Polesello on drums.The we overdubbed more guitars at my place.Played on my Stratocaste through a Fender Vibrolux., I think we captured the essence of The Experience here.Justin really added some effects and concepts in the mix to get that Experience sound.

5)Boomerang is just that, a musical throw that comes back at you.This Country style song was recorded at Michael Raia”s garage with Michael on bass and Gino Polesello on drums, this thing moves fast.Kind of a throwback to great country Flatpickers.I played the Stratocaster here.This is live and has some great playing from the guys.

6)Voodoo Baby is a thing I did with Noah Becker a few years back.He recorded me on the Howard Roberts Custom and a bass in an empty apartment. He then created this lush track around me. Amazing work.Look out for this guy.

7)Behind The Chinese Restaraunt is the story of my friend and bass player. Addiction struggles, ultimately leading to his death.He used to score behind a Chinese Restaraunt in Miami.

Really was channeling Jimmy Page and big rock blues stuff.Bonzo drumming….Zep.

Recorded live at my place with Adolfo Herrera on drums and Ivan Andres on bass , I played my Black Les Paul through a Supro Black Magik amp with some effects.I love this sound.Amazing playing from these guys.

8)Interlude 2 is again recorderd at NWS MB.Blues on the PY guitar

9)Moving Forward was played live and recorded at my place.Again an image of Texas guitar.Me on the Gibson Howard Roberts Custom through the Boogie , Adolfo Herrera on Drums and Pelligrino Bottle, Ivan Andres on Bass and again Brian Robertson on the Hammond.Some brilliant mixing by Justin here.

10)Interlude 3 a blues on the PY guitar with the Justin magic.

11)Remember is a country style humorous tune played on the Red Tele with Adolfo Herrera on drums and Ivan Andres on bass. Played live , I then overdubbed guitars.Justin made this thick.

12)Blues For PY was recorded on the PY Classical at New World Symphony Miami Beach.A song to remember and honor my friend Purvis Young,I played in a style I think he would know And like.

13)El Cay was recorded Live at my place. Really thinking about funk rock ,RHCP etc. Second take of 2 with some Justin magic.Adolfo Herrera drums and Ivan Andres Bass.
Played on the Black Les Paul through the Supro Black Magik.This riff is dedicated to a good friend.Justin made this gold.

Thanks for listening to this album.It has been a great journey ,I am grateful you are part of it.